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Stephanie Hansen
Noble Nails is the BEST! Henry and his staff are friendly and professional. The salon is always clean and tidy. I have tried a variety of nail styles, Acrylic, Shellac, and NextGen. Each style is always high quality. Henry takes pride in his work, he has great attention to detail, and he always does an excellent job. My nails always look natural, never too thick, and last for weeks. One of the female manicurists did the Shellac on my nails with the same quality and skill of Henry. I naturally have thin brittle nails, but Henry transforms them into long beautiful nails. The pedicures are also wonderful! The hot stone massage included in the regular pedicure is divine, and my favorite part! The deluxe pedicure is even more fantastic with paraffin wax and a longer massage. Afterward I feel relaxed, my feet feel so soft, and my toes always look great. The pedicure is of such quality that it will last for months. I always leave satisfied with a big smile on my face. I highly recommend Noble Nails!


A couple of years ago, I was looking for a different nail salon, due to inconsistent work at another nail salon in the area. I found Noble Nails through a flyer in the mail. Henry did magic on my nails. No more wavy, indented nails between the pink and white. No more bubbles in the acrylic. He takes the time to do it right. And to top it off, their basic pedicure offers so much more than other pedicures, The staff does a great job of relaxing the legs by massaging and using heated stones. Plus, the polish lasts so long! I have never had my nails discolor from the polish. I have and will continue to recommend Noble Nails to my friends! :)




Henry is the best person that I have ever had to take care of my nails. I will follow him to the end of time for his EXCELLENT service. He is professional, caring, and takes PRIDE IN ALL THAT HE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He and his staff are not only taking care of your nails, but they take care of you when you come in with something heavy on your heart. When I lost my mom, they took care of me as they did my nails, because they listen to me as needed. I could not have gone to any other place, because I was a wreck. I have found throughout my profession that people are very quick to complain, but are not quick to say what a wonderful job you are doing. There is something wrong with an action that is said that hurts others. When you point the finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you. Therefore, one should think clearing and look at all angles before they open their mouth or write something in anger. Dr. Lucille H. Smith


Tx TeeStan - 2012

*****Very clean, Everyone is very friendly and speak english.  I have visited twice and both times the nail tech was skilled with great attention to detail.  I have visited all the nail shops in area of FM 407 from FM 2499 to pass Morriss Rd and Noble Nails is by far the best. I will be telling all my friends and fellow teachers about Noble Nails. 

A Google User - 2012

*****This is a wonderful place.  Ask for Henry.  He is the greatest. A real perfectionist that takes great pride in his work.  Absolutely the best manicure I've ever had.

A google User - 2012

*****I have going to Noble Nails for about a year and will keep going there.  The pedicures are great and they are perfectionist.

A Google User - 2012

*****I love this location! Great technicians, Nails last forever, and It is clean.

R.V - Dec 7, 2010

*****Henry is AMAZING! I have had my nails done so many different places but Noble Nails is by far the best. Perfect shape and so many colors to choose from! I got the acrylic sparkly purple and I love them! The hot stone pedicure was amazing too and Ann did a wonderful job! Definitely coming back!



Sarah- Dec 6, 2010

*****Henry is amazing! My nails always look great when Henry does them. He likes to use what he calls the "4G" technique for acrylics: he does the pink part first and then does the tip. I wasn't sure I'd notice a difference, but I definitely do - the line between the two is more defined, and since I like the sparkly tips, there are no more random pieces of glitter trapped in the pink part of my nail. I don't have problems with lifting now either, thanks to Henry's skills. I once went seven weeks between fills and not one nail lifted at the corners - not even a little bit! Additionally, I appreciate this salon for their sense of punctuality; at some places, "five minutes" means you'll be waiting fifteen or twenty; at Noble Nails, it means five minutes. While other places need an hour - or more - to do my nails, Henry needs 30-45 minutes. I can't recommend Noble Nails highly enough for their courtesy, professionalism, and for Henry's expertise. Clearly, there are others who feel the same way; Henry is in high demand, so it's best to call and make an appointment. That said, I've always been able to get in on the same day that I call; I've just found it's nicer to have a set appointment time than to risk walking in and having to wait. Go see Henry! He's fabulous!

Melinda- Nov 13, 2010

*****THE BEST!!!!!!! By far, THE BEST Nail Salon in the area!!!! Everyone is very nice and they take great pride in their work. Henry does my nails, and is a PERFECTIONIST!!!! He just did Silver Glitter tips on my nails, so they look like Disco Balls!!!! Lol! They look super cool!! Anh does my pedicures, and is AMAZING!!!! My favorite part is when she massages your legs and feet with the hot stones!!! Melinda :)

Anonymous817- Oct 28, 2010

*****Best Nail Salon in all Denton County! I have been going to Noble Nails for 5 years now, and the staff is always super freindly and helpul, always accomodating me on short notice. They do an awesome spa pedicure using hot stone therapy and the best fills. I would recommend this over any other salon.

 Lucille- Oct 26, 2010

*****Henry is the best person that I have ever had to take care of my nails. I will follow him to the end of tme for his EXCELLENT service. He is professional, caring, and takes PRIDE IN ALL THAT HE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Lucille H. Smith

Susanne- Aug 29, 2010

*****Great nails and very reasonable with coupons. You will never find a better place for your nails. Henry does a wonderful job...nails look very natural and he is very particular. The finished nails are without flaws unlike many other places. I am very happy to have found Henry. Hot Stone pedicure is sooo relaxing. You have to try this place! I have never been treated not sure where that old comment came from!


 Kevin-Mar 1, 2010

*****Awesome service! I went to noble nails last week and got a pedi and mani. It turned out great! The people are nice there and they go beyond what I usually expect from such services. The prices aren't bad either for the service I got. I'll be back soon.
Sandy-Jan 12, 2010
*****Noble Nails I have went there several times, ask for Henry if any issues, he is the owner. Does a fantastic job on nails! they are not thick, look very natural. I always get compliments on how great my nails look.